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Research and Development advantages to become the vanguard of the printing and dyeing industry

With 30 years of experience and more than 30 technicians, Research and development technology is at the top of the first.

  • Manufacturing Advantage

    It has high flexible manufacturing and processing capacity, more than 50 sets of mechanical processing equipment, with cutting, forming, machining, welding, coating, installation and debugging capabilities.

  • Service Advantage

    The company provides coverage consulting, equipment selection, drawing design, equipment manufacturing and installation, equipment maintenance, the whole process of professional services, 360 degree home.

  • Demand Customization

    According to the different needs of users, we can develop and design the most suitable model for users.

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Why Choose Yantai Hailian Printing and Dyeing Machine Co., Ltd?

  • Patent certification

    Won a number of national patents.

  • Tailor made

    Witnessed by many enterprises.

  • Product assurance

    Professional technology and standard management.

  • Service guarantee

    One stop service for you.


24 hours + service, improve pre sale, sale, customer service.
  • On site installation instruction
  • Commissioning the machine on site
  • Provide technical support
  • Preventive maintenance


Excellent quality, quality assurance!
Product classification is numerous and durable.

Specialized in the production of desizing, scouring and bleaching combined machine, mercerizing combined machine, pad dyeing machine (hot air backing machine, baking machine, color developing soaping machine), pre shrinking machine, washing machine and other mechanical equipment


Hiland Printing and Dyeing Machine
The structure is reasonable and durable.

The products have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Japan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and Vietnam.


We have the manufacturer's preferential price
To a greater extent, let customers benefit!

Enjoy the higher preferential price from the original factory, so we can provide the better quality products at the same price in the same market of the domestic market, and our price is even better under the same quality.

Yantai Hailian Printing and Dyeing Machine Co., Ltd

Yantai "one enterprise one technology" R & D center, Yantai science and technology-based SMEs, Yantai enterprise technology center, Shandong enterprise technology center, Shandong "one enterprise one technology" R & D center, national high-tech enterprise and other honorary titles.