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Introduction and process flow chart of continuous pad dyeing machine

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In modern fabrics, pad dyeing is an essential process. It is because of pad dyeing that we now have colorful clothes and bedding. Pad dyeing is a kind of continuous dyeing, and the tension of dyed fabric is large. It is usually used in large-scale dyeing of woven fabrics, with high labor productivity. Continuous pad dyeing machine is usually used in pad dyeing process.

Continuous pad dyeing machine has high production efficiency and is suitable for dyeing of large quantities of varieties. Pad dyeing machine is mainly composed of dip rolling, drying, steaming or baking, flat washing and other units. The combination of the machine depends on the dye properties and process conditions. Two or three high rolling mills are commonly used in dip rolling. The drying is heated by infrared, hot air or drying cylinder. The infrared heating temperature is uniform, but the drying efficiency is low. After drying, steam steaming or baking to fully dye the dye on the fiber, and finally soaping and washing.

Process flow of continuous pad dyeing machine:

Dip rolling dyeing solution → infrared pre drying → hot air drying → baking (or stretching setting) → steaming fixation

Process flow chart of continuous pad dyeing machine:

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