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What are the development status of boiling and bleaching machines?

Author:admin Pubdate:2020-08-08 09:00Click:

In recent years, due to the rising labor cost in China and the weakening of international demand, printing and dyeing enterprises feel chilly. At the same time, the ecological and environmental protection requirements are increasing, which also put forward higher requirements for the upstream printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers. Through technical improvement, China's cooking and bleaching machine manufacturers have made continuous breakthroughs in high-speed, intelligent, energy-saving and environmental protection of printing and dyeing equipment.

The development status of scouring and bleaching machine is as follows

Although the speed of development is gratifying, there is still a gap between domestic printing and dyeing equipment and foreign products in technology research and development. European traditional printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers have higher requirements and more advanced production technology in improving production efficiency and saving energy consumption.

In addition, in the process of printing and dyeing production, due to the constraints of process flow and other factors, the overall energy consumption and water consumption of domestic printing and dyeing continuous production process is high. In contrast, European printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers have a stronger sense of sustainable development. In addition to integrating the design concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and green production into the product development process, foreign enterprises have stronger advocacy awareness of product sustainable development in product publicity, promotion and display.

The reason why printing and dyeing enterprises in European countries attach so much importance to the sustainable development of products is that they realize the cost advantage brought by the whole production process. At the same time, more and more foreign entrepreneurs have found that as the global printing and dyeing Market, Chinese printing and dyeing enterprises need more and more sustainable development solutions. In the past, many Chinese clients thought it important to invest less, they said.

But now, as China's labor and energy costs are gradually rising, more and more Chinese enterprises begin to add the factor of reducing the total production cost into the investment of boiling and bleaching machines, constantly looking for solutions with lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.

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