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Development of energy saving and environmental protection of printing and dyeing equipment

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As we all know, in the past, the fabric dyeing was mainly manual rough printing and dyeing, and the beauty of the finished products was too poor. In the industrial era of the new era, there has been a considerable reform, people began to use machinery, and today, we are using intelligent printing and dyeing equipment to achieve printing and dyeing. Today's industrial prosperity has also brought a lot of harm to the natural environment. In order to protect the environment, people advocate environmental protection and energy saving, and dyeing machines are no exception. Let's learn how to achieve environmental protection and energy conservation for printing and dyeing equipment.

It is important to combine dyeing control technology with on-line detection, which is an effective solution to improve dyeing technology and is also the key direction of future dyeing machine development. The foothold of the development of printing and dyeing equipment is based on good reliability and stability in operation, and has intelligent monitoring ability, as well as the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.

If the printing and dyeing equipment is fully equipped with waste water and waste gas waste heat recovery and utilization system, at least 30% of the heat energy can be recovered, and the water reuse will not be less than 25%. For the heat consumption of printing and dyeing equipment, the surface temperature of the machine and the environment temperature should not be greater than 15 ℃.

In addition, the intelligent control system combined with printing and dyeing equipment can greatly improve the dyeing quality of dyeing machines, reduce water consumption, save water resources from the source and protect the environment.

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