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Matters needing attention in use of scouring and bleaching machine

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Although the process of mercerizing yarn with scouring and bleaching machine is simple, and it is not continuous production like cotton mercerizing, due to factors such as scouring and other factors as well as process need to rely on manual operation, defects in dyeing process after processing are often caused due to non-compliance with operation regulations. Therefore, attention should be paid to various operation requirements and process parameters to ensure its quality.

Precautions for use of scouring and bleaching machine:

① Mercerizing yarn is uneven in scouring, impervious, poor degreasing, unclean after scouring, uneven capillary effect, too long stacking time after scouring, and not mercerizing according to the order of cooking pot.

② Before mercerizing, the moisture content of the yarn blank is uneven, and the local moisture content is too dry. After dehydration, the yarn blank is stacked too long, and the surface is exposed to the sun or partial air drying.

③ The yarn is not cleared and flattened on the machine, and there are off frame, broken end, big and small stranding, overlap of yarn sets and so on.

④ The roller of mercerizing machine runs unevenly, the rubber pressing roller is uneven or the main shaft is bent. The tension of the two rollers is not the same, and the ring length between the machine and the machine is not consistent.

⑤ The acid concentration in the acid bath is too high and the pickling time is too short.

⑥ The concentration of supplementary alkali solution is too high, the mixing of alkali is uneven, the alkali temperature is not uniform, and the yarn is stacked for a long time after being off the machine, so it is not washed in time.

⑦ Short yarn, uneven viscosity, uneven yarn.

⑧ Mercerizing yarns have different intervals before dyeing, and different batches are mixed.

Mercerized cotton made by scouring and bleaching machine is the best cotton, lighter and thinner than ordinary cotton fabric, with soft handle, comfortable wearing, good moisture absorption and air permeability. In order to realize the knitting of high-grade knitted underwear, T-shirt, socks, gloves and other raw materials. When using equipment for mercerizing process, we must pay attention to abide by various specifications and parameters.

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