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Temperature is an important factor affecting the dyeing effect of dyeing equipment

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There must be many reasons that affect the quality of a product, but there are also primary and secondary. The quality of dyeing equipment directly affects the appearance of the fabric, so the dyeing process should be strictly controlled. There are many factors affecting the dyeing effect, such as temperature, concentration and time of dyeing solution. Temperature is one of the most important factors affecting the dyeing effect.

Generally speaking, when the temperature is high, the kinetic energy of the fuel increases. At the same time, due to the expansion of the fiber, its internal pores increase, which is convenient for the adsorption and diffusion of the fuel, thus speeding up the dyeing process. However, when the temperature is too high, due to the excessive limit pore and the excessive kinetic energy of dye particles, the fuel part of the dyed fiber will dissolve into the dye liquor again, affecting the dyeing effect. Therefore, the temperature control process of the dye bath The corresponding work requirements should be strictly combined.

At present, the temperature control of domestic printing and dyeing equipment is mostly manual operation. The workers make judgment according to the reading of temperature meter and experience, and then heat or cool down. As a result, the subjective error is large, and the dyeing process can not strictly follow the process curve for heating, heat preservation and cooling, resulting in more color spots and color differences on the cloth. In addition, some dyeing plants have carried out automatic temperature control However, it only simply controls the switch of heating valve and cooling valve. When the temperature reaches the specified value, the corresponding valve will be closed. The temperature control in the dyeing process can not be carried out in strict accordance with the process curve. Moreover, the dyeing temperature is transmitted to the control room through the sensor, and the temperature control is realized in the control room. After the control of the system, the on-line and timely control can not be realized At the same time, there are more signal transmission lines, which leads to poor dispersion of structure, large construction investment, long cycle, inconvenient maintenance and interference.

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