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Matters needing attention in high temperature dyeing

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Dyeing machine is a kind of printing and dyeing equipment with a wide range of applications. High temperature and high pressure dyeing machine often causes defects such as color spots, stains and spots due to improper process operation and poor operation. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to when dyeing:

First, the preparation of dye solution. When preparing the dye liquor, the dye is mixed into paste with a small amount of cold water, and then diluted with room temperature water. Please note that the temperature of dilution water should not be too high, higher than 60 ℃. Scattered and dyed quilts can be damaged and coagulated. In addition to mixing, dyes can also be mixed by dusting, that is, slowly sprinkle the dyes into cold water under high-speed stirring, and do not leave them for a long time after the dye solution is ready. In order to prevent sedimentation, agitator should be used slowly to feed at the same time.

Secondly, dyes with good diffusivity and levelness should be selected as far as possible, and dyes with similar dyeing properties should be selected for color matching.

Third, reduction and cleaning. Reduction cleaning is an important step to remove floating color. After reduction and cleaning, the color is slightly lighter. At the same time, the rubbing fastness and light fastness were improved.

Fourthly, tar spot is a viscous substance formed in dyeing liquor, which is mainly composed of dye dispersant and polyester oligomer. Polyester oligomer is a kind of polyester polycondensate. In the process of dyeing at high temperature for a long time, it will penetrate into the dyeing solution from the fiber and adhere to the surface of the fiber.

The measures to prevent tar spots include:

1. Increase the dyeing bath ratio.

2. Use high temperature and high pressure dispersant.

3. Strengthen fabric pretreatment.

4. Shorten the cleaning cycle of the equipment.

5. High temperature drainage is adopted to avoid dye crystal precipitation after cooling.

In short, the application of printing and dyeing equipment has brought great convenience to our work. If you need our products, you can contact us at any time. Our company will provide you with satisfactory service wholeheartedly.

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